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Karakung Drive and
Powder Mill Valley Park

We don't roll up the sidewalks at night in Haverford Township, but we do close Karakung Drive on Sundays! Well, at least to motorized traffic from May through October. The Police Department works with PennDOT each year to turn this secluded park road over to bicyclists, walkers and joggers between Lakeside Drive (the bridge into the Beechwood neighborhood) and Manoa Road from 7 AM until dusk. On a half-year's worth of Sundays, Karakung Drive serves as a taste of the potential for township multi-use recreational trails.

The Friends of Haverford Trails partnered with the Haverford Township Historical Society, Llanerch Boy Scout Troop 434, Phi Kappa Sigma members from both the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, and the St. Joseph's Prep Ice Hockey Team to construct wood chip off-road trails on both sides of Cobbs Creek in the historic Powder Mill Valley. Hikers, runners and off-road bicyclists can use the trails instead of the road for a traffic-free and more enjoyable sojourn in this great greenway. Together the two trails form a great loop trip! Please walk and run the trail and help keep it from getting overgrown.

Karakung Trail Trailblazing
Karakung Trail Map
Volunteers spearheaded the development of the Karakung Trail in Powder Mill Valley Park

During Sunday road closings, this quiet Powder Mill Valley area of Cobbs Creek (sometimes called by its older Native American name, Karakung Creek) becomes even quieter and more attractive than usual. The road joins its bucolic surroundings and becomes part of the park. People walk, stroll and bike along this historic corridor, the scene of water-driven mills from Colonial through Civil War times. It's a laid-back way to enjoy one of Haverford's quieter corners, and to see the historic 1810 Nitre Hall and relocated 1710 Lawrence Cabin. You can walk or bike to get there or, if you really must drive, some parking is available at either end of the closure.

On the first Sunday of June, the Haverford Heritage Festival
gives Karakung Drive its busiest Sunday of the closure season!

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